Dr. Merla Hammack

Dr. Merla Hammack

2012 Graduate
Advanced Diploma in Life Coaching

Academic rigor, experienced lecturers, practical advice, compiling topics, thought-provoking camaraderie, Christ-centered course work, foundational direction from God’s Word, Holy Spirit focus-driven vocation—these express my reasons for selecting Light University Online for training as a Life Coach.

I have been a life-long learner. The joke goes, “You have more initials after your name than in your name.” Light University Online more than filled my expectations for learning and training to be a Life Coach. I learned practical advice on what I needed to do to begin my own practice and keep it thriving. The simulations in many of the video lectures trained me to keep questions focused, maintain accountability with a client, and to assist the client towards his or her goal(s).

I learned I am neither a therapist nor a psychologist. Life Coaching does not delve into past problems. Life Coaches work with the “worried well” individual, an individual who needs support and aspires to a future with more fulfilling objectives. As a Christian Life Coach my prayer will be, through God’s grace, to continually aid and facilitate the education of my client to obtain the goal to which he or she believes God is calling him or her to accomplish.

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