7 Tips for Success at Light University Online

7 Tips for Success at Light University Online

In many ways, online learning poses greater advantages, and challenges compared to the traditional classroom environment. From learning how to navigate the online classroom to managing your time to complete assignments on time, online learning requires a whole new set of tools for success.  To succeed in online learning, here are a few tools to add to your toolbox:

1.Know and Record registration dates and deadlines. Organization is crucial to not feeling overwhelmed. Write down registration dates and deadlines, and be sure to meet them! Phone calendars are great for pop-up calendar reminders if you don’t use a formal planner. You will be able to begin each term with significantly less stress and anxiety than those rushing to register and meet deadlines.

2.Know your resources:Light U Online has worked hard to create every resource that you need to succeed in our program and we have integrated them into our online classroom. They are at your disposal, make sure that you know and are using them.
Familiarize yourself with Edvance360, and the menu options at your fingertips. Once the term begins, you have immediate access to your lessons, discussion boards, community discussion forums, email, grade books, and more in this program.

In addition to your helpful faculty, you also have an Academic Coach that are waiting to work with you to map out a plan so that you can reach your goals. The guess work of registration is taken out of the equation. Your coach wants to help you be equipped to succeed—-contact them, use them, and let them know what you need. They want to help!

In each lesson folder, you have access to course notes for the module, lectures from world-renowned Christian counselors, discussion boards, and more. These are all designed to help you maximize your education with Light University.

3. Build your library:  While not required, you may consider investing in your personal library. Dr. Clinton has several helpful books that are great references throughout your time as a student and into your professional career. Caring for People
God’s Way,
and The Quick Reference Guide to Biblical Counseling are two outstanding works that may come in handy to supplement the course material, and to act as quick-reference guides within a professional setting.

4.Manage your time:  Tell your time where to go, and have a plan each week for when you will do your school work. If you don’t tell your time where to go, it will go on its own.  Most students with Light University Online have families, full-time jobs, or other
responsibilities. It is essential to your success that you tell your time where to go. Plan out your week, and have a priority list each day. Where will you make time to listen to the lectures? When will you write your quality discussion question responses? When will you take your weekly quizzes? When will you write your Capstone Essay? Map it out. Know the plan. Work the

5.Take notes:  You have the privilege of learning from the best of the best in the field of Christian Counseling. Take advantage of the lectures and take notes. Not only are you more likely to retain the information by using multiple senses, but you will have a great portfolio for quick reference, and easy access in the future.

6.Participate. Participate. Participate:  Delve into the discussion forums. There is nothing like classroom participation to help material “stick” and to glean new insights. Interact with your peers. Ask hard questions. Bounce ideas off of each other. This is your “practice” for the real world. It is to your advantage to have quality discussion in our forums, and not simply do the “bare-minimum” for a grade. This is your chance to share your insights, and begin helping others with the material, as well as
go deeper in your own knowledge and understanding.

7. Keep the end in mind. When weeks are stressful, “life” happens, and you have to continue “keeping
on,” remember why you signed up for courses in the first place: to be a beacon of hope to others in a broken world. Always remember your “why.” Did you want to help women recover from abuse or addiction? Did you hope to coach married
couples into greater levels of intimacy and companionship? Did you wish to help in traumatic events when people are lost and feel hopeless? What is your why? This is your foundation to press-on when weeks are difficult.
is your foundation to press-on when weeks are difficult.

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