Louella Jamerson

Louella Jamerson

LightU Online is my first online schooling experience and I can say without hesitation it has been one of THE richest, most rewarding endeavors I’ve embarked upon. Each LightU staff person I have had the opportunity to interact with has been caring, kind, extremely helpful and considerate. The course curriculum is thorough, thought-provoking and inspiring. Every instructor is warm, friendly and engaging in their presentations.  All are extremely knowledgeable, filled with God’s wisdom and Spirit as they emphasize the importance of a relationship with God as the foundation for our ministry or career aspiration. They inspire you, they motivate you, they speak to you as though you were their only student and each one expresses a high level of concern for our success. LightU REALLY wants you to excel and each program is designed to assist you in doing exactly that.

If you love God’s word and want to become more proficient in it, if you are gifted and desire to help others in any capacity, if you just want to enhance your teaching or preaching, whatever your ministry goals are LightU is the place for you! The courses are structured for you to get the maximum benefit in a short span of time. I encourage everyone to choose LightU, it will undoubtedly, be a choice you will not regret.

Louella Jamerson – Click here to listen to Louella’s personal testimony.

Author, Teacher, (soon-to-be) Advanced Certified Light Coach, Multicultural/Singles Speaker, Ministry Helps Trainer

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